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If the name falls to Vienna, one immediately not only thinks of Mozart, but also of the opera ball, the Prater or Viennese waltz. Vienna is generally known as a cultural stronghold and one of the most beautiful cities of all. This may be due to the fact that Vienna, the Austrian capital, does not present itself as a true big city, but because of its architectural appearance conveys an elegant and inviting image. Thanks to numerous attractions, Vienna is able to play a leading role in terms of tourism and attract more and more people to its spell.


Arriving hungry in Vienna is a real blessing, because there are so many great delicacies here that you want to try, that you should start immediately.

Meat eaters should never miss a real Viennese schnitzel in Vienna . This must be gossamer-thin and of course prepared with veal. A potato salad is served. But the Tafelspitz with apple rind and small boiled potatoes is a specialty that should not be missed. On many roadsides, you can often see the popular sausage stands, small snacks, where you get served hot sausages. In general, the Viennese cuisine is very meaty.

Vegetarians can probably make friends with the sweet Viennese specialties . These include germ dumplings, apple strudel, Kaiserschmarrn and the Sachertorte.

Some of these delicacies can also be enjoyed in the famous Viennese coffee houses. The Viennese coffeehouse culture is not comparable to the atmosphere in an ordinary café, as it is known from other countries. These facilities can hardly be surpassed in tradition and culture, which is why in 2011 they are also included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. Especially in the 19th and 20th century, many intellectuals and artists met in these coffee houses, where they met for exchange and discussion or came for writing. Today, one of the most famous coffee houses is the Café Sperl , whose interior has been restored but has not been modernized. Also well known is the Café Central in the Palais Ferstel.


Thanks to the growing tourism in Vienna it is just as easy to find a hotel as to eat traditionally. It does not matter if you prefer cheap hotels or you are looking for a wellness hotel to make yourself feel good: Vienna is guaranteed to be a great find.

Even in the center of Vienna there are hotels in all price ranges. The Mercure Wien Zentrum on the one hand is a great 4-star hotel that boasts a 24-hour spa, open-air spa and yoga. No wishes are left unfulfilled here and those looking for a hotel where service and facilities are very important make the right choice.

The AllYouNeed Vienna2 other hand has no special extras, but still has everything you need on hand what you need for a successful city trip. Above all, it is just as well located in the center , so you can explore the city from here wonderfully. From here you can easily get to numerous sights such as St. Stephen’s Cathedral or the State Opera, but also reached the Danube Canal just as quickly, where you can relax a bit and sip delicious cocktails in the beach bars.


What makes Vienna apart from all the feasting, are the numerous sights and attractions of the city. Particularly noteworthy here is the St. Stephen’s Cathedral , which is referred to as the symbol of Vienna. Located in the center of Vienna’s Stephansplatz, the building towers 136 meters above the city. The high tower ensures during the day that you can see the cathedral from afar; At night, the building is additionally illuminated and shines in a special way.

In addition to St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna especially the Hundertwasserhaus is particularly well known. It is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Austrian capital. The special thing about it is its construction: here you will find neither straight lines nor even surfaces or symmetries. In addition, all sorts of greens grow out of the windows and on the roof of the house. The city owes this special building to the artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who designed his own home in a special style.

If things are more orderly, you should visit Schönbrunn Palace . The “Austrian Versailles” attracts numerous tourists year after year. Once upon a time, famous people lived here, such as the Empress Maria Theresia, Napoleon and Emperor Franz Joseph I. Today, the castle is admired by visitors for its extraordinarily magnificent architecture. The rococo style inside is considered to be particularly characteristic of the courtly life. In addition to the rooms inside but also the outdoor area offers a lot to see. Here in the castle park there are numerous fountains, sculptures and water elements. A special highlight, however, is the zoo, which has existed since 1752 and is therefore considered the oldest in the world.

If you’ve had enough of fascinating buildings and are still a little on the fun side, you must not miss the Vienna Prater . The fair, which is held all year round in Vienna , will surely not only make children’s hearts beat faster. In addition to the great atmosphere there adults especially enjoy the wonderful view over the whole city from the Ferris wheel. In addition, there are all sorts of other carousels and various stands with food and drinks.

With all the sights it is definitely worth planning the next trip to Vienna. Take advantage of the next summer holidays, a long weekend or New Year’s Eve to visit this beautiful city in Austria. And should your holiday be imminent and you think about spending your free days in Vienna at short notice, that’s no problem either. Because even last minute you will find great deals here – no matter whether it’s a top-class hotel, hostel or guesthouse.

Vienna is one of the most popular destinations among travelers.

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